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    doc types
    Made a search and came up with some unusual results but couldn't find any really relevant. Maybe just didn't use the correct wording since I would think this may have already been mentioned.
    So...for any of you who may be reading this for the umpteenth time..sorry Go ahead me a bunch of not very nice words....I guess I deserve it for not looking more thoroughly. No excuse I know....but I'm on dial-up and just don't feel like waiting. Plus.....probably starting to get senile cos I work with a whole bunch of windows open and keep hopping back and forth but when I wait a really long time for one of the windows.....I tend to forget what I was doing in the window since I was waiting so long.. Now....don't you feel bad for calling me those nasty names now??? Nope...oh well please answer my question anyway......think of it this way. The sooner I get answers to my questions the smarter I'll get and then I won't ask any more questions

    I've made sites before and put the htm 4 version for the doc type. Hmmmm not sure if this is a dirty word to be using in this part of the forum since people seem to either love it or hate it...but what doc type do you use when you're using Frontpage 3?

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    I don't use frontpage but its important to have the correct doctype, many people don't realize this. I use xhtml transitional or strict but sometimes I have to use other doctypes for an old site that is done in tables.
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