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    January 18th, 2005
    Wasted energy
    Well, not really a 'chuckle', but an interesting thought:

    "The main water line entering every house should first pass through a small turbine connected to an electrical generator, so every time you use water you generate electricity." ~ Nenslo
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    I saw something on the news about something like that in a city in Colorado. Pretty much run like that.

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    It seems that unless you have some sort of storage device, such a bank of batteries, the small amount of electricity generated by the tiny turbine would be useless. Im no engineer, but it seems like such a small, sporadic energy source would be more of a hassle than anything else. If anyone has any research on this I think it would be a great thread though.
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    I played with that idea many years ago, but a bit of playing with the numbers showed it was not worth the effort. Energy was cheaper then, but as I recall it was nowhere near worth it, so I'm sure it's still not worth it. Fun idea, though.
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    OK if water supply is purely run on gravity, but most requires a pump to get it up to a height first - and it would reduce the pressure by some amount, so overall it would just soak up some of the energy used to give it the pressure in the first place. End result - waste by inefficiencies mean it would be self-defeating, there is no such thing as free energy.

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