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    Hi all,

    I just upgraded Firefox. After upgrading, I was invited to include add ons like the helpful new "No Scripts" add on. The No Scripts Add On was released in May. It lets you selectively control which Javascript programs run on your machine. It is easy to block annoying JS programs like the ever so annoying LMI Ads.

    Anyway, as a big supporter of open source programming, I thought I would try my hand at writing some Ad Copy for the "No Script" add on. Let me know if I sold you on installing the product.

    Here Goes:

    ===== Start Ad Copy ======

    Firefox Users,

    Are you tired of annoyances like Commission Junction LMI Scripts polluting your web browsing experience?

    The new No Script Firefox add on will let you easily and quickly control which Javascript programs you accept on your computer.

    The No Script add on is the second most popular addon for Firefox behind flash.

    Yes, ads from companies like Share-a-Sale and Linkshare will still display. The No Script Add On only strips the more dangerous and annoying Javascript Ads like the poorly conceived and implemented Commission Junction LMI ads. It also removes all popups and protects your browser from Javascript exploits.

    Yes, fools who use Commission Junction LMI links for their web revenue lose out big time. The fools who use CJ LMI links will not be able to sell you products after you install this product. Of course, it is arguable that fools who depend on companies like CJ for their revenue deserve any revenue in the first place!

    The No Script program does not affect web sites like PriceRunner (which does not hobble its site design with Javascript based Ads.) It only affects web sites that get their add code from the CJ interface.

    The No Script Firefox Add On is the single best way to enhance your web browsing experience. Install the No Script add on and start stripping CJ LMI ads from your browser today!!!!!

    ===== End of Ad Copy. =====

    I installed the add on and have been browsing my own sites. Guess what, the pages with LMI scripts load faster than without the script. Of course, the pages load faster because my revenue making CJ ads no longer display. From an end user perspective, the lack of an ad is a a big plus.

    The add on was released May 2006. It looks like it is being installed on Firefox browsers by the thousands. I will install it on my parent's computer later on tonight. It looks like one of the best ways to protect their computer from parasites and JS exploits. The program also blocks Google Adsense ads (which might explain why I've being seeing a big drop in the number of adsense Ad impressions on my site.)

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    Sounds fantastic - maybe someone will write an add on for it that pops up a small window:

    "Warning this is an affiliate site! - LEAVE IMMEDIATELY AND DON'T TOUCH THAT CREDIT CARD"

    Ain't Firefox great?!

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    That's funny google supports Firefox, Google Nixed 1000's of paying adwords customers, now the adsence ad's won't run on Firefox
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