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    I was recently reading a paragraph (related to offline adv.) in the book "Search Engine Marketing, Inc", and one of the things metioned was that, even when customers have all of the information they need from a website, they frequently will still want to talk to a "sales rep" prior to making a purchase. (yes, it's geared towards merchants, not affiliates - but it still made me think).

    I have no idea how true this is, and my question is: for those of you who do a lot of advertising, do you ever post a business/toll-free number to have the potential customers call you or your employees?

    And of course (trying not to sound to incredibly stupid here), I'm aware that you could just post the merchant's phone # on your site, in order to accomplish this to some degree - that's if the merchant has some kind of tracking in place.

    Does this even make any sense?
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    We manage PPC for a client with no cart or form on their site.
    All they want is calls. They can close!
    We also use

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