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    7,927 at CJ???
    Did I read that right, has opened at CJ? Right now during the turmoil and exodus? What's that all about?
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    Sometimes merchants open up at more than one place. It'll be ok, they're still at SAS.

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    I'd be more impressed if the idiots running actually updated their product ecatalog. I made GoldenCan and "make a page" displays for a variety of categories. Obviously they have no buying power to support certain categories. Digital cameras are dead. They didn't pay any suppliers for fine jewelry items or any class act watches so those categories are all but gone. I'm tired of posting "make a page" showcases as they land on a idiot OOS page over 70% of the time. Power and hand tool displays have bogus landing pages too. Look at their default GoldenCan display page.... NOT ONE item shown on the first 15 pages can be purchased anywhere at

    No wonder they seek out CJ as another playground since their EPC is all over the place. Guess they'd rather join CJ and use the BHO's and Super Dupers there. I'd suggest they spend the money on one of Andy's AM courses instead. I had hopes they'd pressure Overstock by generating better conversion ratios. Damn shame when the only way to go with them is one text link and a home page banner.
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