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    He may have his computer set up to show links (or followed links) in a custom color.

    If that color matches the background of your site, it will look like nothing is there.

    To fix that, either he would have to change his settings, or you would need to code your links page so links can ONLY show up the way you want them to.

    The reason he could see other links, but not his own, could be that his site is a "followed link" since he's been there recently, but he never visited the others. So only his link would be in the "followed link" color, while the others would be in the other (visible) color.

    If his settings are standard then I don't know. But chances are they're not, and if he used "select all" he could get it to show in the highlighting (a quick way for him to verify its existance without changing his settings).

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    Ask him to try highlighting the whole page to see if that is the problem. If it is, his link should show up.

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    Hope I am not teaching you to suck eggs.

    Ctrl F5 to force read from site.

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