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    Hi all,

    Some of you may have read about Shopster ( a few months back in ABW. I want to let you know that we have just launched an affiliate program through Shareasale. (Hopefully we'll have a forum in place here soon).

    This program promises to be an interesting one...Shopster pays out $60 per annual subscription and $7.49 per monthly subscription to our service. (FYI An annual subscription costs $299, and a monthly subscription costs $29.95).

    N.B. The commissions are residual i.e. you are paid commissions for as long as your referred customer is a subscriber to Shopster. Also, the program has two tiers so you can make money referring people to the program. 25% is paid on the second tier.

    To learn more about Shopster I have put together 2 audio casts. The first gives a background into Shopster, and the second gives a background into the affiliate program.
    MP3 File
    MP3 File

    Please either download the MP3 file, or click on the Hipcast link and then click on the play button on the far left of the screen. The Hipcast players don't seem to be working in ABW.

    We're going to be rolling out lots of PR soon so you all should be hearing a lot more about Shopster in the near term. The beta test went great and we're really starting to make an impact on the online market.

    If you've got any questions please contact me at: James AT Shopster DOT com.

    Nearly forgot..The sign up URL is:

    PS I'm not sure about any of you but it's wierd hearing yourself speak. I really don't like it myself - I'm sure I don't sound like that...
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