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    Websites are like homes
    If you fix them up or build them improperly, it's just more work to rebuild them.

    No CSS, bloated FP code and incorrigible templates, no use of SSI's (server side includes).
    I have pretty much given up on my first site. It is just too big and expansive to reorganize and rebuild properly. I am currently working on some subsequent sites however. Kind of like buying a poorly remodeled "handyman special" and trying to rebuild it. One must tear down all the garbage put up previously. Very time consuming and not a lot of fun.
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    I can feel ya. My first "attempt" was so horribly bad I just dynamited the whole thing and started over. My second was lightyears better and STILL is terrible. I am trying to ... learn enough to fully rebuild it offline and relaunch while still trying to grow the original. (I may just launch the new one by itself and leave the old one to slowly bring in its paltry few dollars a month. At least it is paying for itself finally)
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