Well I posted in the two catagories I felt most appropriate, but that was over 10 days ago and I didn't have too many people take me up on my offer. So I'll post it here.

I'm about to launch a service on the net and I'd like some feedback from users. So I'm giving away 10 accounts of 20,000 banners each. (4 taken so far) The rules are only one beta test per person/website/company. No adult banners. No bad taste banners, no warez sites, etc. I really want a variety of people to give me feedback.

If you are interested, goto http://bannertesting.com

Create an account and upload a campaign. Please be sure your TOTAL number of banner impressions is less than 20,000. And for this test, just use either 125x125 or 468x60 banners.

In exchange for the free banners, I require your feedback on my site, the service, the plan, etc. At the time you start your campaign, during your campaign, and at the end of your campaign. (A paragraph or two via email is fine.)

Any questions? Post here or email to address above. Thank you!

Standard Disclaimers: This is a test of a beta phase service. No guarantees made. No warranty of any kind. Your milage may vary.