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    Dealing with the "Call me Girl"
    I affiliate with a niche merchant on CJ.

    When I joined this merchant, I did not notice a cute girl gif/link with "Call me for help" but last night as I was updating links, I did.

    I hit the "type live" button and when the chat opened up I asked what happens to the webmaster's cookies when the visitor either "chats live" with you or makes a call?

    The "chat rep" said that she didn't have access to the information.

    Hey, anything that puts doubt into my mind makes me then turn to another merchant. Notice to merchants: merchants who pull this won't have as much "access" to my pages.

    Does CJ have a policy in terms of webmaster traffic/commissions being yanked by online chat or encouragement to phone and how merchants should allocate any commissions from resulting sales?
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    dunno, but merchants who use some live chat software have many many options, some of which they probably don't even know about. and it is possible to switch back and forth about whether it appears on an affil link visitor.

    so next time ask the nice person if they are on commission. I bet they are.

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    A better target of that question would be the person who manages the program, if there is onw, not a customer service rep.

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