TigerDirect is running an affiliate promotion for the remainder of the month during April.

We are giving away a Compaq iPaq 3640 32MB Pocket PC:

to every affiliate partner that meets the following criteria.

Promotion Rules:

1) You need to generate a minimum of $3,000 in shipped sales between 4/16/02 and 4/30/02 to qualify for the iPaq 3640.

2) You need to double your sales from whatever you have reported as shipped sales on 4/16/02 when I run a affiliate sales report.

3) Everyone meeting these qualifications will receive in addition to your regular commissions, a brand new Compaq iPaq 3640 32MB Pocket PC - The iPAQ H3640 Pocket PC offers a fast 206 MHz IntelĀ® processor and a powerful new operating system so users can access information much faster. The simple user interface provides information access with a single tap - and the vibrant color display is excellent for viewing rich Internet content. Flexibility is a key benefit - users can customize the iPAQ Pocket PC to fit their needs, either business or personal, with Compaq Expansion Packs.

Don't think this is that difficult, if you have the traffic, an average of 3 computers sold will get you in the running.

Many of you can just twaek something, add a creative to your homepage, write some good sales copy and voila, you will increase your commissions and get a brand new iPaq 3260 to help keep your business running smooth.

Good luck and good sales,