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    ...and Nostradamus said...
    Shortly after the year 2000 the evil empire from the East (VCLK) would come upon us and ravage the hard working lemmings who had so toiled in the www fields for crumbs for the God known as Todd.

    Todd [who we know now was not a God] left the empire and the new God known as G could do no evil.

    Driven by a desire to please the public with a "user experience" aka search orgasm, G decided that the user would be better severed by contextual ads that would deliver whatever G decided was "relevant".

    Before this point the hard working lemmings believed that they controlled the world. It was not so.

    G had their a$$ in a sling by systematically rapping their data via free tools.

    What were they to do?

    [to be continued]

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    Before I even clicked to view the thread my first thought was "he must have said a lot of stuff about CJ"

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