OK, I think I found the right place for this:

Well, my working with Dreamweaver has been put on hold for a while. There is some major utility construction going on in my area. I've had several power outages in the last couple of weeks. The power supply in my PC has taken a severe beating and died a couple of days ago. I'm in the process of returning it for warranty coverage. So, I'm back on the old antique until the p/s is fixed or replaced and reinstalled.

I've begun reading "Search Engine Optimization for Dummies", being as I have nothing else to do now. I have come up with a question about directory submissions/listings.

I have an online photo album. I just searched the directorys of Google, Yahoo and the Open Directory to see if it was listed. Much to my suprise it was listed with Yahoo, but neither of the others.

Following the cue from the book, I began looking at trying to get the album listed with the Open Directory. In their guidelines they state that they do not like all capital latters in the site's title unless it is an acronym. The album site's name has three words...all capitalized! Hey, why not? At the time it looked good to me.

Now, this brings up the question of: If I change the apropriate letters to lower case to please the Open Directory, will I mess up my standing in Yahoo's directory listing? Not that it's critical, but I'd hate to lose the only thing I've got for just the off chance of getting it into the other. Plus understanding how this works may give more insight into this area.
Thx for any thoughts on this.