and any programs they run????

I received this message unsolicited about joining up in their fishing auction program they are starting.
I have sent a few questions their way about it, but hoping more experienced ppl may know some background on them and can offer it up.
I d certainly appreciate any info.

(I edited the e mail and phone # for privacy. They did give me their phone # and address at least with this message) here it is:

Dear WW :

We are the developers of The Fishing Auctionä, a collaborative, private-label auction network of members of the Fishing business and enthusiast community. We developed the Fishing Auction Networkä -to help individual, stand alone Fishing Web sites to compete with the large online auctions.

Leading, quality Fishing Web sites join the Fishing Auction Networkä at no cost, in order to offer their registered users access to a large, collaborative auction, made up of registered members from all other Fishing Auction Networkä member Web sites. As more and more Fishing Web sites join the Fishing Auction Networkä, more and more users enter the auction to buy and sell fishing related items and services.

Because the Fishing Auction Networkä is private-label, your registered users enter the auction from your Web site, never knowing that they have left your site. You maintain control of your user database, and the look and feel of your Web site. We supply the auction engine and the ever increasing, collaborative community of Fishing buyers and sellers. The process is seamless, and best of all, the Fishing Auction Networkä is free to set up on your site, and it is hands free maintenance. We pay you a check, quarterly, for your share of the fees generated on the auction, from items being bought and sold, originating from your site. We do everything for you.

Your registered users see a large auction community with big numbers, only attainable through a collaborative effort. Privacy for you and your members is maintained at all times. Your members do not see any of the other member Web sites in the network, and no user or Web site owner knows from where any user has entered the auction. You maintain complete privacy of your user database and complete Web page control of your users..

If you would like to add this traffic building tool that will allow you to compete with the big online auctions, and even surpass them, then please call me to learn how the process works, and how we can get you going.

Thank You,
------Jeff Adams,
Empire First, Rochester, N.Y.

Fax: xxx-xxx-xxxx

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