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    Sales from domain with expired webspace
    Most things I can usually explain eventually, but this is truely bizarre so I have posted in this forum as not quite sure what would be the right forum.

    I have a domain I have decided to leave to one side as it has never really produced any sales, i.e one a month, and in these days of Google trashing sites I want to concentrate on those that have historically produced really good returns.

    The webspace expired a couple of weeks back, although the domain is registered for a couple of more years.

    I don't have access to the full logs anymore but can still see a summary of the last 100 entries and as one might have expected it merely contains 404 page not found requests and the referrer URL is a mixture of Google, and Yahoo mainly.

    Since the web space expired it is producing sales from on almost a daily basis, and some days there have been several sales.

    Most of the sales are trivial otherwise I would really keen to understand what is going on, as it is I am just bemused.

    What is going on ?

    Any ideas / suggestions / explanations gratefuly received.


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    Maybe someone copied and republished links from your old site?

    A few months ago I started seeing things show up in my cj 'invalid links' category. Apparently some asian site had copied my links and/or id. Some of the merchants I had dropped, but some I had never even been with. kinda wierd

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    does amazon have longlasting cookies? I don't promote a lot of amazon, but I've seen sales from expired domains and deleted sites, most of them because of long term cookie durations.
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    "does amazon have longlasting cookies?"

    Nope, just 24 hrs.

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    Somebody could have coded something wrong somewhere. One of my web design clients here was getting creditted all kinds of sales for a merchant they didn't promote. Despite us telling the merchant multiple times (my client toook the high road), the checks keep coming

    Since it's an indy program with simple links, someone added a wrong aff id somewhere, and has never fixed it.
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    The timing of the sales appearing and the web space expiring is almost to the day ... the web space ewpired on June 18 and the sales started to appear on June 21

    I had only sold 3 items off this particular site between jan and june (hence the decision to ditch this site) and then I have sold 14 since June 21

    It is really rather odd.

    I will have a trawl on the web to see if someone has copied my sites plus links, maybe by taking my site away I have removed the duplicate content penalty from them !!!!i

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