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    Link Exchange Strategy?
    Hi guys,

    Any specific strategy for link exchanges to boost search engine optimization? I run a dating tips site and have so far been just doing a google search on "dating link exchange" and contacting the big names directly. Is there a more efficient way to get your link around the web?


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    i submitted my site to many directories,

    most directories have sub sections , this way all relevant links will be in that sub section.

    but google only indexed my home page, no inner pages.

    then i submitted a few inner pages , to high ranking goolge friendly sites and google only indexed those inner pages that had inbound links and no other

    it just keeps dropping my pages every now and then, sometimes to just 1 to 10 .

    I'm fed up with google, and i will be considering local advertising to make my site known.

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    Ask your link exchange to use link text that you specify, but make sure you don't use the same text for every exchange. If I had 20 exchanges, I'd use 7-8 different link texts, using different phrases of differing lengths.

    If at all possible, you should have a stable of web sites, and so should your exchange. If you each have 5 sites (A-E) & (a-e), you can link from your B to their d, and they can link from their a to your C. Place links on your site that has enough PR, and get links to those that do not.

    Otherwise it is too easy for search engines to realise that they are not random organic links, but contrived ones.
    How anonymous is your proxy?

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    My experience has been- run of the mill link exchanges and links from directorys work better for Yahoo & MSN results than google.
    Plus I think google is slower to reward you for ANY link.

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    Better than reciprocal linking, which can be a real pain managing, is getting one-way inbound links. It's something we specialise in and put a lot of effort into, for both our sites and our clients - including dating sites like yours such as and

    I like directory listings because, for a bit of short-term effort, you can have lifetime links into your site and not have to keep an eye on them. Getting hundreds of decent quality inbound links can help your Google, Yahoo and MSN rankings (let me know if I can help).

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