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    One question...
    Can anybody using the DataFeedFile services tell me if it works?? (Based on your personal experience working with their products)


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    I have been creating websites for about 3 years now. I have since discovered the world of affiliate marketing. My first domain had limited success but I wanted to learn more about affiliate marketing and SEO. I found that a large amount of merchants offered XML data feeds for products and services. The downside for me was the learning curve for parsing and integrating XML into my website. I basically do this as a hobby and I have very limited resources for web development(time included).

    I dropped by and found what I have been looking for. With you get tons of content and an interface that helps build consumer confidence. Also integration and finding merchants that offer data feeds is very easy with this service.

    My site was rapidly changed using the shopping tools. Basically from the time I discovered to full integration took less then a week. I now have a total of 58 merchants which are included on my site and millions of products listed for comparison. My site is still being perfected but with I finally have time to work on other projects like SEO and site design.

    Support from the team at is great, I have made suggestions and I have seen direct results as an answer to my suggestion. I really haven't had any problems with the basic integration so far but I am sure if I do I will get clear and detailed answer to my problem. is fairly new and still has big updates in its future. A great program to start ,which in my opinion, will only get better.

    I hope I answerd your question.

    John Spahn
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    Lightbulb List of example sites on front page

    I would like to mention that we have a list of example web sites at the bottom of the front page. In case you have missed them.

    Pls let me know if you have any questions about DFF services.

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