Here is another super deal. I am making this available through a special link for ABW members, it will not be available on ( for the rest of our affiliates. I am only sending it by e-mail to ABW / Tiger affiliates who specifically request it.

This is for "Premium Brand" Memory - Micron OEM, with lifetime warranty & tech support, advertised on our site for $79.99 to the general public. You can advertise it for $59.99 with your special link, direct to our shopping cart. Your customers can get it from you cheaper than from us !!

The regular sku and price is here.

If you are interested, send me an e-mail with the subject: ABW Memory Deal

Let me know your website's URL so that i can track it. If this promotion works well, i may consider doing this on other Tiger merchandise as well.

You will only have access to this special link if i send it to you. You can advertise it on your website and mention that it's a special price for (fill in your website's name) visitors, only available at this price here, etc. If they come to our site, they will find it at $79.00.

Good luck and good sales...