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    July 10th, 2006
    Kindly HELP! Creating Categories from Data Feeds
    Could someone kindly help me....I am wondering how affiliates solve the mind-numbing issue of creating categories from the many different product feeds we get from the networks like CJ and ShareaSales and from Indies?

    We have looked at creating tags and then clustering but haven't found a suitable algorithms and our engineer's work so far has not resulted in success. He has suggested we give up on clustering and manually input all the data into categories. This could work for a few first merchants as we create our first sites but once we add on additional merchants we are concerned....we are looking at rent-a-coder as a possible place to solve our problem but we would rather do this in house. Is there any open source software that helps turn tags into clusters. Should we give up and do this manually. How to affiliates do this?? Thanks so much, any response or ideas would be a HUGE help!


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    July 10th, 2006
    A bit more info about this post
    FYI we are creating a price comparison site that will compare similar products sold by different merchants...we have a basic site now that can compare products. The problem is how to integrate feeds from various merchants that categorize products a bit differently and that will tag their products slightly differently. Thanks again to anyone kind enough to respond to my original post.


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