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    Exclamation Merchants Moving From Befree
    I had or still have a number of merchants that have amounts less than $20 commissions owed at Befree. I'm losing a fair amount of cash although some merchants are decent enough to pay me for the commissions owed,

    I sent an email recently to a merchant and would like to hear your thoughts on this issue... ( remember that this can add up when you deal with thousands of merchants)... I think I made that merchant $19..

    My email:

    I have joined and updated the links to Performics now and just updating my site now.

    Is it possible that you can carry over the Befree commissions I made to my Performics account?
    Merchants Response:

    The threshold of $20 has not been reached. Let me know if you would like any help in promoting {Merchant} as we move to Performics.
    Does this seem like they are evading the question? I would have preferred a yes or no answer, I guess it means no.

    Anyway I think this is a little disapointing and I thought they at least would recognize the work that goes into this and I doubt it would be that hard to transfer the commissions. I have lost $$$ like this as merchant move to other networks. It all adds up but I guess if that is the set threshold then they have the right to put it in their own pockets but I think if they cared about the future relationship then they would more likely go sure, no problem.... I won't be in a hurry to go out of my way to promote these merchants, theres many more who I would prefer to work extra with.
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    They should just cut you the check for any monies owed. Merchants need to do a better job at who they hire to run their programs.

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