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    NetMagazines Support Needed
    Hi all,

    We can't find any help/support for NetMagazines. A customer is having problem with their subscriptions that they ordered back half a year ago, but I can't get a hold of anyone at NetMagazines (through email, phones, etc). I called Linkshare affiliate support last week and no one picked up the phone either. Please help.

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    call LS again..
    that is the best option

    if not, approach the LS mod on this forum

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    I don't think Linkshare gets involved in customer service issues with their merchants although they should be able to provide an affiliate contact.

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    Hi There,

    Affiliate support can be reached by e-mail to affiliate -at- For some reason, it's returned that the mailbox is full, but that should be fixed VERY shortly.

    If you send me a PM, I will forward to our affiliate support as well.

    You can also direct your customer to the Help tab at the top of - we'll contact the customer directly as you shouldn't need to interface with customers.

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.



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    Why is it your problem that a customer who went through you is having subscription problems? Isn't that a "net magazines" problem? If your just an affiliate then I don't see why you would need to care about something like this.

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    If you rely on return visitors, customer satisfaction with the merchants that we recommend is incredibly important. A poor customer experience will reflect very poorly on us. I've removed more than one high-converting, high-commission, quick-paying merchant due to excessive customer service issues.

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