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    Dyse: DOCTYPE and Server Too Busy
    In the cgi-bin/dyse/default/include directory, I have a header.html as the common header for all dyse merchants. Within this file, I have:
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

    however this is not being echoed properly and so my HTML is not compliant. Whenever I leave the default doctype declaration within the sample templates, it echos fine. Is this an issue using this tag within include calls?

    I also experience frequent errors with Server is too busy (36.36 > 30). any ideas? Are there any mods to ini files that could reduce this occurence?

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    1. DOCTYPE: By default, DySE removes the <!DOCTYPE> statement from the final output during the HTML pack function. To make not remove it, either add the HTML comment <!--nopack--> to your .html template files (or to a common include file) or create a make-ini.txt configuration file that contains:

    write.html.pack.doctype no

    2. "Server is too busy (36.36 > 30)." If the current server load (a measure of how busy the server is) goes above a preset limit (default 30), reports an error and immediately exits. The server load includes everything running on the server (includes all processes and all websites on the server). If you're on a shared server, move to a less busy shared server or to a dedicated server. Or to increase the limit (default 30) to a higher number such as 50, create a make-ini.txt configuration file that contains:

    maxload 50

    Also, to make skip the HTML pack function (it removes extraneous spaces, carriage returns, and other characters), create a make-ini.txt file that contains:

    write.html.pack no

    or add the HTML comment <!--nopack--> to your HTML/include files.

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