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    Strange search engine results
    This has been driving me crazy for a few weeks now. I am finding in my referer logs and now in the search engine results. after my url it has a ?ABCDEFGH at the end of the url example :

    any ideas?
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    Looks like something someone might add as a tracking url. Did you or someone else add that to some urls to get unique referring codes so you could track PPC or some reciprocal links effectiveness. Maybe someone did it without you knowing.

    I looked at the site in your profile and on Google and didnt see the listing. What search engine is it?

    Have you tried searching for that exact page on the search engine in question and see what shows?

    Something like this in Google:


    I have found things for clients searching like that.

    Good Luck

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    Yeah, In some engines anyone can make a submit with something like (site removed) and it will get picked up...but if you have the base url indexed in theory the one with the ? should go away. I would not worry about it.
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    OOOPS! Thats an actual site! Can someone remove that for me? Id hate to think that one gets picked up as well....Im phriggin lost. My Bad.

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