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    Search Engine Marketing Tips - Direct From Google Reps
    Hi, I just had a long conversation with my Google rep about how to optimize our search campaigns and I thought I would share what she told me - Everyone should be able to benefit from this I hope:

    Break your AdGroups into seperate, smaller "Themes."

    Lets say you have a role playing game you want to sell called "Aristocrats."

    You would create an "Aristocrats" campaign and then inside this you would have AdGroups with different (but seperate) "Themes" which relate back to the role playing game.

    For example:

    "Artistocrats Titles": Would contain things like: "Artistocrats, Aristocrats game, Aristocrats RPG, The Aristocrats Game"

    "RPG Titles": Would contain RPG (or genre) related general words like "RPG game, RPG, role playing game"

    "Competitors": This would be a list of keywords relating to similar games already on the market: "Dungeons and Dragons, EverQuest, GURPS, World of Warcraft"

    And So on to your hearts content.

    You then tailor the ads for these different adGroups to more closely reflect the search themes. This helps to increase your quality rating because your ads now reflect more closely the themes appearing in the searches you are paying for. Surgical!

    If you have any keyword in multiple accounts it will cause problems!

    Try to eliminate redundancy in keywords. If you have a keyword appearing several times in different campaigns, one of the ad campaigns is going to suffer in favor of the other. Avoid this.

    Negative Keywords

    Negative keywords are keywords that get in the way and cause problems. For example, if you are selling an action movie called "Oblax" and there also happens to be a popular self-help book( completely unrelated to your movie) also called "Oblax" you are going to want to use negative keywords.

    Example Negative Keywords: "Oblax book, self-help oblax, novel oblax"

    Thus, you would try to trim out these words - which are going to be more expensive anyways because they are less-related to your movie- it is likely that people searching for "Oblax novel" are not going to be interested in your movie because they weren't actually searching for it in the first place.

    Thats what I gathered - let me know if I mis-stated anything.

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    Very helpful information. Thanks for sharing.
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    There is a ton of free AdWords advice in the AdWords Learning Center video tutorials. I just went through most of it this weekend to catch up on the new features.

    By the way, you don't need to state the entire search phrase for negative keywords. All you would need to add is the following:

    There's good, fast and cheap. Pick any two.
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    Both of those are nice tips thanks!

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    Thanks for the correction about the negative adwords Tech Evangelist.

    Im definately going to check out that link you posted.

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    thanks Iron Chef!
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