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    What are datafeeds and are they hard to apply?
    Hi, i'm a newbie and wonder whether datafeeds would be usefull for my site.
    Can someone(s) explain them? if poss'

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    I am currently using data feeds, and it's very easy to use and it's free.

    You just get about 2 or 3 lines code and paste it and it creates an entire store for you.

    Other people use CSV files, and Webmerge and other things.

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    Hi Marc,

    Datafeeds are flat database files of merchant's catalogs that Affiliates can use to publish product information to their sites...

    The most effective use of datafeeds includes taking the raw data, and mixing it up to be sure the content on your site is not exactly the same as the merchant's and other Affiliates. The more creative you are with the data, the better.

    Hope that helps,

    Gary M

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