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    Tracking Bookmarks
    I went ahead and added a: "Don't forget to bookmark us" link in one of my sites. I'm guessing this might lead to a few extra people that bookmark my site - at least that's the idea..

    Now, I understand there is a way to track (or estimate) how many people are bookmarking a site.

    Can anybody shed some light on this for me? Is it done through the tracking of favicon.ico? Or is there a better, more foolproof way?


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    The only way I know of is using the favicon.ico. Unfortunately lots of browsers pull that automatically for a site, so it's not very accurate with FireFox, Netscape, and the like. This is just a guess, but if you see in your logs that the favicon.ico was pulled twice for a page in a single visit, that should tell you something. Especially if it's requested a couple minutes after landing on the page.
    But are you still master of your domain?

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    Ok, that sounds about right. The only other way that I can think of doing it is via some kind of link. Maybe have a seperate link load in an iframe or something, to actually track the click (still not perfect either).

    Thanks Groundskeeper Willie

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    Many people will bookmark using the option within the browser rather than clicking your "Bookmark this site" link.

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    Yeah, didn't think about that. Well...I'm guessing the favicon is the closest way to get any kind of estimate then. Not too terribly important - it would just be nice to know how many are coming back to the site through favorites.


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