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    What Offers work Best For Search

    I had a question for all you search marketers out there, in your testing and running offers what offers have you found work best in search, PPC.

    Search publishers- do you find good revenue in running cap offers through search and PPC

    I would like to here what you all have found to work best and also here all of your opinions



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    I wanted to ask the same question. Doesn't look like anyone is able to help on this one!

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    Specifics, of course, are Classified Information. But in general it's about the same formula as with free SE traffic.

    Item people want, which is an item the competition doesn't realize people want = Cha Ching!

    Or in PPC terms, aim for things with a decent amount of searches and low competing bids. If the competing bids are low, there's also usually only a few competitors, so it's a double good.

    But keep in mind that some people search for certain things just out of curiosity. So if you see any obvious "curiosity checker" terms in your keyword-checking tool, avoid PPCing for them, because they are a font of dud clicks.

    Also remember that the ideal scenarios come up only rarely compared to the more normal scenarios. So you will likely have to make do with some less-than-optimal situations where a lot of competitors know there's a market. But even then, there are some things which are profitable anyway. And, you can always look for less-competitive related terms if the main one is jam-packed.

    I don't know what Badgers means by "cap" programs, so I can't comment on that specifically.

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    If you mean CAP - as in casino affiliate programs, it's extremly profitable to PPC them until Google kicks you out.

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