I wrote a poem today & just posted it to my blog (http://www.creativegumption.com) Thought I'd share...

Friday Poem: Ode to Google
by Heidi Panelli

How do I love thee? Let me search the ways
How Google.com has brightened my days

You always give me what I need
A quickie search...a hot News feed

You keep it fun & fresh & new
Sometimes I like to Google you

For me you go the extra mile
With holiday logos, Google style

You solve disputes amongst my friends
I look it up...the argument ends

I know I'm not your only love
But in my keyword I'm number 1

I want you alone, but alas, I share
You've so many lovers, I need to be fair

You've become a verb in your own time
Now millions "Google" things online

Search images, web, and video NEW!
Satisfy me? If you only knew

I cannot shake it, my love is true
I'm never bored online with you

I admit to some guilt: you're so easy and free
I use you, and yet, you just keep serving me

But don't feel bad, you do use me too
Adsense pays me, but my Adwords pay you

You're still the best search, in my assumption
You even host Creative Gumption!

At times I hate to need you so
But wow, you've helped my business grow

Now I must go, but I'll know where you are
And I'll meet you tonight at my favorite toolbar