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    Hi, I have a couple of websites that I think everyone in here will be interested in. I will try to do this in a way that won't get me in trouble with use your imagination to find them I suppose.

    First: Google Trends

    What is it? Its the bomb. Basically you can type in any keywords and google will tell you how popular that keyword is. Boring right? Ha! It would be except you can ALSO see which cities in the United States rank highest in terms of searching for that word. For example, I found out today that Salt Lake City, Utah was far and away the most active city for our products. I would have had no freakin idea!

    Whats better is that you can tell which COUNTRIES are searching for you! I was very surprised to find that we were very popular in New Zealand.

    In addition, you can compare two keywords or phrases with one another by seperating them with a comma. Google Trends will then draw a graph which compares them to one another.

    Why is this useful? Because in Google AdWords you can formulate campagns which target specific countries, languages, cities and regions. Use your imagination.

    Second: The Alexa Search Engine

    So go to Alexa and write in a website - maybe your own or someone elses. Then, run the search. Alexa will return a bunch of websites and to the right of them will be a bar that says "Explore this site" and underneath that - "Traffic Details." This will plot the websites traffic performance on a graph for you. Like Google Trends, you can also compare the traffic of two websites against one another (you and a competitor perhaps?)

    This gives you a clear comparison of yourself and competitors - provided that you are big enough to show up on the graphs that is...

    Have fun with these sites, I found them very interesting.

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    I think as long as the sites aren't yours, you can post the links. It's the ones that plug their own sites, or affiliate links, that aren't welcome.

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    Alexa ranks based on traffic from people who download the alexa toolbar. So the results can be manipulated somewhat. But there are'nt a lot of alternatives out there.

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