As we move ahead to improve Tiger's affiliate program, we will be adding another solution to our current BF offering. This may be an in-house solution.

This new program will be by "invitation only" at first, as we roll out and implement the new program.

I will be selecting the affiliate partners that will participate in the launch.

I'm calling out to all present TigerDirect partners that wish to take part and be considered in the launch of the new program.

Please send me an e-mail, not a PM, indicating that you wish to participate. I will be assembling a database and contacting you individually with further details.

I will be offering certain "perks" and bonuses for your extra efforts in helping us launch the next program.

I need your full contact informnation, e-mail and phone number. Also include which site you will be using to roll out the new program.

Thanking you in advance,