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    Do You Get Tired of Being Riped Off?
    I try to do the homework.. check stuff out.. get second, third, fourth opinions, but in the past year it seems everything I've purchased, every workman I've hired to do stuff around my house, every service I've opted into, every program I've bought a BIG rip-off.

    I'm so tired of it. You try to find quality stuff and pay a decent amount in exchange and it just comes up so short of what is promised.

    Example -- I recently purchased a program to use on a new site. I just wanted something I could do quickly, offer a few nice perks to visitors and not invest a ton of money (I don't have) into doing it. So I diligently scanned my old affiliate beginner’s book because I remembered reading about 'sites in a box' type deals, found the info, and bought one.

    Of course, it sucked. Then when I asked questions I got 'If you can read English...' I have news for all the geeks out there... GEEK is not English.. okay! Anyway.. throw that money away.
    The list just goes on and on... another program... this one I put it out right away, I know HTML.. nothing else! Answer -- If you can read English...yadda yadda... This is NOT English --
    <p>blahblahblah:<br><b r>
    <%loop link_results_loop%>
    <tr><td><%include link.html%></td></tr>

    It's Geek.... (loop?????? wtf????? I told him all I knew was html!!!)

    So, toss that $300 + in the trash. I can't use it and by the time I learn it, it will outdated.

    Paid a plumber & carpenter to handicap a bathroom for me.. OMG.. I should post pictures.. $2,000 later I have a freakin' ski slope going to a shower.

    Anyway... it's been a bad year. I give up. I'm not buying anything from anyone or paying anyone to do anything until 2007. All the rip off people... go find another sucker! You've tapped me out. (I'd just like to know how they all know how much I have in my checking account)

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    I feel your pain Leeann. Right now I'm battling with Sears. So far we've waited a month and spent $200 and we still don't have a working Craftsman riding mower.

    I will never buy anything from Sears again. Nothing. Ever. That's the only way I know to express my disgust with their lousy attitude and ineptness.

    OTOH, last year we remodeled our kitchen. I acted as general contractor so I hired all the subs. They were all terrific with one exception. I think when you're dealing with self-employed folks you stand a better chance of getting good work then if you're dealing with a soulless corporation like Sears.

    Have I mentioned how much I hate Sears?

    Take the goofball who messed up your bathroom to small claims court. You can't let people get away with that crap, it just encourages them.

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    Cookie Cutting!
    I just got back from a short holiday during which I went online to check my site from my cousins computer. I clicked on some of my merchants and up pops GoldenCan wants to place a cookie on your computer. My cousin imediately deletes it! I asked him why he did this and he said "My Bank told me to do this because my Bank info could be hyjacked! All my relatives clear their cookies every day. So this tells me that there is wrong information regarding cookies being circulated which results in affiliates being denied commissions on lots of purchases. It was Norton that was doing this. Can you imagine the amount of sales not being credited to affiliates? What does one do to correct consumers view on cookies?

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    it happens (cookie deletion) and those who are paranoid about it, too bad for us. Companies like gator or upromise gave the industry a bad rap but there are less companies out there who are doing that. Maybe you should educated the bank that told ur cousin that..LoL
    Ma, where the beer? :escape:

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