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    Question Pixel Tracking Question.. (Tech Question)

    For all of you who know about affiliate lead tracking and all, I have a question.

    Say I have a website (Website X), and a happy internet surfer finds website X. They look around and take interest in a link i have posted for free information. The surfer clicks the link. The link is headed to a company that Website X is an affiliate of. Once the link on Website X is clicked they are brought to the affiliate’s referral page where a cookie is inserted in the browser, then instantly they are referred to the actual advertisers page. On this page they are required to fill in so much information to generate the lead for Website X. They fill in the information, then click submit. They are then brought to the Confirmation page where a pixel is located to let website X's affiliate network know he generated a lead.

    Now... If that scenario is correct... Here is my question.

    If at the confirmation page:

    Does the pixel ask the cookie for affiliate/campaign information, then report


    Does the cookie ask the pixel for affiliate/campaign information, then report


    Am I way off?

    I am trying to figure out if for every different campaign or what not, will the pixel code be different, or does the pixel simply ask the cookie for the initial information (affiliate code, campaign code) then report to Website X's affiliate network.

    I hope this makes sense!


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    Perhaps this can shed some light...

    Upon completion of the checkout process, transaction information is sent to CJ via a 1x1 clear pixel. A merchant sends the order subtotal, the merchant ID, and Order ID and the KEEP=YES value. At the same time, CJ accesses the cookie on the customer's machine. CJ checks if the merchant's AID is in the cookie file. If it is, it looks for the corresponding PID and appends all the info together which creates a transaction in the CJ system. The info is recorded in a transaction server.

    More here:

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