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    Google not so sweet on Froogle anymore?
    Woohoo! Perhaps Google has thought better of trying to invade AM. Probably a bit too chaotic for their taste.

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    Too much competition... Side business at best.... Customer confusion.... Poor user exprience?.. Too small link.... No media converage.... We're better....
    Have you promoted your brand name today?

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    I don't know if you've noticed, but Froogle no longer does price comparison. They used to mimic the standard price comparison formula with product pages and prices. Now each search result goes directly to the merchant and you need to browse pages of different results for the same product. This seems like a step back if you ask me.

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    i like it better seeing all the stores separately. those combined listings were so messed up, and they are at other places too, because sometimes, the same item is listed several multi-searches, so you need to click to realize they're all lame stores, then go back and click the next, and so on.

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    Maybe .. this is because google may soon be launching google base ( and as they have promised in their blog, integrate the contents of google base with the google search engine...

    try doing some searches with google base and you'll notice that all froogle content is there, however, the ranking algorithm is significantly different. Google now requires merchants to upload their product datafeeds at instead of at what used to be the froogle merchant center.
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