Good day all...

I've returned from my trip to Denmark, Sweden and the UK. I must say, my holiday was too much fun, too short and too expensive! But my wife and I had a great time with memories to last us forever.

But we are glad to be home too.

Copenhagen is an absolutely beautiful city with a perfect blend of old and new. It seems that the entire city is meant to be discovered by foot or bicycle. Cars are minimal and there is no such thing as heavy traffic. And it seems that there is an ice cream parlour on every street corner in Copenhagen too! Maybe it only seems that way, because my wife and I visited every ice cream parlour we passed!

We went to Copenhagen to attend a wedding, which was a mix of Danish and Canadian traditions. The ceremony took place at the Marble Church, which is located on the actual Royal grounds where the Royal Family of Denmark lives. The reception was in a century old gun club, where you could still see bullet holes in the walls.

The area where we stayed in Copenhagen was called Nyhavn, a toursity area of shops, cafes and boats which toured Copenhagen's many canals. My wife and I also visited Tivoli Gardens and marvelled at one of the world's oldest amusement parks. If anyone gets the chance to visit this quiet metropolis (as the locals describe the city), I suggest they do so.

We also visited the Swedish town of Malmo, which is about an hour drive across the Oresund. Like Copenhagen, it was quiet, clean and alive with colour and people. We were only in Malmo for a few hours, so we were not able to really immerse ourselves in the city. But, we did see a few neat things, like the Water Hammer - a public fountain which citizens can operate to make the water shoot up and dance the way they see fit.

Our last stop on our trip was Oxford in the UK to visit some family. Not much sightseeing done there, although my wife and I did rent a paddle boat and race along the Themes in the same place where the famous Oxford/Cambridge Rowing Race takes place. And yes, we were in the UK when all the nasty terrorist business took place. We were due to fly out the following day. Needless to say, we were on pins and needles to see whether or not our flight would be cancelled.

Our flight was delayed twice, but we did make it home safe and sound. About 30% of all flights in and out of the UK were cancelled immediatley following the arrests, so we were fortunate that ours was not. Bravo to the authorities for nabbing the bad guys.

So that's our trip in a nutshell. It's good to go away, but it's even better to come home.

Take care, and keep on the lookout for new and exciting news and updates from Wonderfulbuys. Even I'll be surprised at what we have in store, as I try to catch up!

Thank you kindly.

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