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    Opinions wanted regarding PepperJam network and affilate manager contact
    Not sure where to ask this so if this gets moved..guess that means I guessed wrong. lol Two questions actually. What are your opinions about the PepperJam Network (not sure if I've spelled or placed wording exactly as it shoud be) and what are opinions regarding affiliate managers (least think that's what they would be) contacting you personally when you don't know them. I'm not one of the "affiliate biggies" so find it a bit strange or unusual that I'm being contacted by them personally. I did some searching and think the person works with the PJN and I don't know anything about them except I think a few aff. mgrs for some of the gourmet food type sites I have may have been or are managed by them.

    I've gotten plenty of emails from individual aff. mgrs. connected with major aff. networks asking me to join their programs and I don't have any problem with that at all. But, have only had a few times where somebody I don't know that's not with the bigger networks has contacted me. After making a few searches I was able to find out who they were and had no problem with them, either. Hmmm so guess I want to know if this is normal...not quite sure what I should be suspicious about lol just by contacting me they can't do anything to hurt me lol They say they'd like to work with me.......haven't had the time to really pursue it any more and not sure if I guess maybe I'm just curious to why or how they know about me to be contacting me...if this is normal and if you think I should follow through with it? Probably sounding pretty naive I guess... Hmmm shouldn't have said that probably now either or I might be getting contacted by others now that they may think I am naive. lol Probably sound like I am to people here, but I'm not. well maybe not completely I guess. Since I don't understand what all goes on with this affiliate stuff completely at times ... ok...I'm zipping up my mouth and just gonna wait for an answer

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    They manage a number of programs, most of which are on CJ and LS. They have a great flower site, Beyond Blossoms. They also just launched six new programs in CJ today, all designer apparel sites, like Baby Phat.

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    Here's where their management explains that they were just "testing" things when they got caught doing the nasty:

    And they also say this there:
    "While apparently many of the participants of ABestWeb are not proponents of well known affiliates such as Upromise or Ebates, these affiliates are featured publishers on Commission Junction, a platform that we do respect and support on many levels."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donuts
    "While apparently many of the participants of ABestWeb are not proponents of well known affiliates such as Upromise or Ebates, these affiliates are featured publishers on Commission Junction....."
    We do not care what they are called at CJ...

    We're in the "kill the parasite" lifetime marathon here!


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    PepperJam are an affilaite network and they are quite big. not as big as Upromise but maybe around the level of Igive or maybe larger. As far as I know, I think they have not hijacked any commission lately. I know that they pay for traffic to generate sales/commission.

    Contacting you. Am I one of the guilty one? LoL

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    This looked like a better spot for this thread than Virtual Family, so I moved it here.
    There is no knowledge that is not power. ~Hemingway

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    They are a large management firm but they are also a large affiliate firm. I have always seen this as a conflict.

    They manage some programs that I make money with and have usually been responsive to my requests.

    Their affiliate marketing side is aggressive and I have seen them poaching trademarks as well as the cookie stuffing incident referred to earlier in this thread.

    They will tell you in no uncertain terms that they think Upromise, eBates et al are all swell guys and valuable affiliates, but that only shows that their management side gets a % of sales and outweighs the income produced on their affiliate side. Naturally their affiliate side would be against parasites, unless of course the management side made so much money with them in the programs they manage that it told the affiliate side to shut up....

    See what I mean about conflict?

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    points to ponder

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    Quote Originally Posted by FairFieldGetaway-EricEwe

    Contacting you. Am I one of the guilty one? LoL
    Eric - of course not I don't even remember for sure how I did come to know you...but I'm sure if you had been the one that contacted me first you would have told me your represented the site you do. You can contact me anytime you like. We're buddies by now The person who contacted me from what I remember the first time didn't say who she represented, just that she wanted to work with my site. Umm since I'm not one of the biggies..that seemed a little strange to me how she knew who I was. I put on my little detective hat and made some searches to find out who she may have been connected with and that's how I came up with the other.
    Thanks to all of you for your helpful comments.
    Ummm Uncle Scooter - you sure have helped a lot to make my head clear on the matter. lol I'm just teasing you

    To be honest...the more I try to learn about who the bad guys are and who the good guys are I get more confused. Please, please don't anybody give me one more link to vist lol I've gone to sites to try and understand and...Believe it or not I'm not as stupid as my posts probably appear. lol Not sure why, but just seem to have a mental block or something though when it comes to understanding all the terms and things talked about on this subject and which merchants I should be working with and which ones I shouldn't be. I'm not going to ask anymore here and completely drive you guys crazy trying to explain it to me.

    None of you answered my other question, though. Is it normal for an affiliate manager that doesn't represent themselves to be affiliated with any of the "big" networks to contact an affiliate personally because they say they would like to work with them??

    Thanks all of you again for your thoughts

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