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Thread: Question on affiliate links / cookie stuffing

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    Question on affiliate links / cookie stuffing
    Hello all,

    I've come across several threads here on cookie stuffing and the like, as well as people placing Adwords/Overture ads using affiliate links.

    I run a marriage proposal and engagement ring buying website -- I not only sell my own products and services, but I have several affiliations with diamond/jewelry sites.

    I've always done the affiliate links the normal way, but when I heard about all this cookie stuffing and the like, it made me a bit confused. First, isn't it illegal to have your affiliate link under an Adwords/Overture ad? I don't even think Adwords lets you have a trademark name mentioned in the ad. How is this then still being done and talked about?

    And outside of cookie stuffing, are honest affiliates doing anything different to get more click throughs (besides just posting a link and any deal a merchant might have)?

    I apologize if I seem a bit uneducated in all of this stuff, but thanks for your help!

    Take care,


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    Hi Brian

    Cookie stuffing comes in many guises and is generally done through a web site or email. The aim of a cookie stuffer is to create as many cookies for as many merchants as possible on as many consumers computers as they possibly can to try and get commission from these people when they eventually buy something.

    They do not care about driving legitimate traffic or adding any value to the purchase cycle, they care only about sowing seeds and seeing what they can reap...and yes it is banned by all networks. So hopefully they reap being booted from the networks.

    In terms of putting affiliate links direct into PPC ads that varies across each PPC network, it's best to review the system T&C before doing anything there


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