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    Hi All,

    It's easy when you are marketing a product to a perticular community offline,

    but my client wants me to do online marketing for his products to a perticuar community. It's The Gujarati Non-Resident Indian Community.

    I am in desperate need of Ideas!

    How can I do this?


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    It'd be a perty good idea to treat this campaign in the same fashion as your Jobs site. Come on now Fatty remenber? You were the one to show us that local ads work in India because they can be placed so cheaply! Well I bet there are local Indian sites listed in this directory who will run your ads cheap.

    What do you think? Somewhere to start?

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    January 17th, 2005
    Where does 'The Gujarati Non-Resident Indian Community,' reside...worldwide, in a specific place????

    How can you contact them specifically?

    If you got that part figured out, then simply start a newsletter for 'The Gujarati Non-Resident Indian Community.'

    Tell them weekly what's going on at the community and then draw up a special page where advertisers can post product ads to them.

    In the newsletter give them link to that page or site. Each week you can advertise DEAL of the WEEK.

    Best I can do in 5 minutes.

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