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    27 and sell or build?
    I've been offered an ok sum for these to domains yet am still reluctant to sell. I have the time necessary to build as well as the capitol but I am at a loss as to which direction to take. I also have The Buyers Emporium which was purely a wholesale and bulk purchase company, then I got into selective markets like MP3 players, Laptops, cameras mostly OEM and unbranded merchandise. Now I am going in a different direction and have the time to build on multiple domains. I would like to cover as many "niche" markets as possible as well, any advice? Should I sell and move on? I have also thought about leasing the domains has anyone tried this? I know nothing about the domain name market other than to stay away from the appraisals. Thanks!

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    Anything over $6 = sell.
    Everyone likes to think they own a domain worth millions ... some do ... and some can become but ...
    If you ain't done nothing to 'em yet and have profitable offers ... let 'em go.

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