With the European Union becoming more closely integrated and people regularly looking for property in Europe, these are potentially valuable domain names. In a recent survey, for instance, a significant percentage of British said they wanted to move abroad; and it's to the European mainland that most people move to.

As we all know, property is a massively lucrative sector to be in: with the price of homes being as high as they are, Realtors and sellers are making tens of thousands of dollars on just one sale. You can make money retaining the domains as PPC parking pages: click amounts on property-related words are very high.

With BuyProperties.eu and HomeSale.eu you will get direct traffic as the .eu TLD becomes more popular e.g. some people will type www.buyproperties.eu directly into the address bar of their browser if they are looking for a Europe-wide website to buy properties.

We also own the top domain name mov.eu which you could brand as 'move' - moving homes.

Please email domains AT azam.biz or ring +44 20 7436 4496 anytime if you may be interested in making a serious offer.