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    Just Released: AdWords Editor!
    Hey all,

    I noticed that Google has been advertising their new "AdWords Editor." You can get it here

    Since I downloaded it, I have been using it constantly. The coolest thing about it is that you can now EASILY move keywords, adgroups, adtext (I haven't figured out how to move banners yet) from one place to another - Something which I find abysmally difficult using Google's current set up online.

    Moving stuff stuff is pretty intuitive - Just press shift + Click to grab a list of whatever it might be and then go cntrl+v it into your target destination. I was confused at first about how to move AdGroups because I was trying to use the large display on the left. Instead, you need to use the "AdGroups" tab on the right > copy that > paste it into the campaign of your choice.

    I had to move 50 different AdGroups and it would have been a massive chore without this...

    You can also edit budgets and do basically everything you can already do in the current Google AdWords interface!

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    Thanks for the link! School starts next week (for my kids) so I'll have more time to mess with adwords again. Hopefully this will simplify things a little

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    Quite cool. Thanks for pointing us in that direction.

    Poopies Happy as a Poop in Pig.. or something like that.
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    I was thinking of messing with it back then, now I have to mess with other networks since Google doesn't like my money anymore

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    Moving things may have gotten easier, but are you sure that moving things around all the time is a good thing... if so, congrats on the tool.

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