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    January 18th, 2005
    CJ wish list
    I thought that this might be the right time to send some constructive feed back to CJ....heck somebody give them the wish list in person at CJU (and I still want to see the taped down finger joke being delivered too!)

    What modifications can CJ provide to the platform to make it more useful?

    Ability for the publisher to choose link type default
    Ability to set the default PID to site of choosing
    Ability to set the fields within the reporting
    (graphs to the right data to the left type setting)
    Additional filters while searching links,merchants and products

    What else? If we keep this constructive and give them the "real" requests, who knows maybe they might try some of it ;-)

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    August 17th, 2006
    - A rule banning merchants from putting anything other than actual coupon codes in the coupon sections.
    - Noting expired coupons on the coupon "get link" page, without having to click through 20 links to find an active coupon.

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    - Making the Promotion Expiration field "required" if the ad type is a promotion, coupon, sale, or discount.
    - Noting new coupons on the coupon "get link by relationship" page, without having to click through 20 links to find new coupons.
    - Automatically notify me via email, mobile, landline phone, RSS, (frequency at my discretion) as to when my merchants (which I designate to receive this info from) adds new creatives, coupons, etc.
    - Give the merchant (text/html) email templates to use when announcing a new sale, discounts, promo, coupons, etc. that has specific fields that are required so that I can see all the important information layed out exactly the same from each merchant.
    - Auto notification (frequency at my discretion) when I make a commission.
    - Archive all expired coupons, sales, promos, etc. "separate" from active offers.

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