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    your advice please: would SAS work well for a lead program?
    Hi! I wonder if affiliates in SAS would like our program? It seems most programs are retail oriented and we run a lead program. Here's how it works.

    Finding a marriage counselor or a psychotherapist is very difficult.

    Yet, every day, a large number of people look for help for their
    mental or emotional problems.

    We offer a directory of therapists and marriage counselors in the USA who offer a free first visit.

    We plan to pay for each lead resulting from an affiliate referral.

    I think our program is ideal for health related sites of any kind -- everyone is
    a prospect for psychological help or marriage counseling
    We offer extremely in-depth information about therapists, specific
    to the exact issue that a person is looking for help with. This level of detail is not available anywhere else on the entire web. It makes finding a therapist a great experience.

    We've done per-click advertising on SEs and have had an 8% historic conversion from per-click ads on SEOs. And we've always had a high CTR on its creatives

    So here's my question: We want to join SAS and wonder if affiliates would be interested in what we do. Even though it's not a store.

    Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

    --Richard Geller


    Find a therapist - Free First Visit
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    Surely the market for their service is unending!! Can't hurt to give it a roll. Cold turn out to be a producer. You'll only know once you get it up. But it also depends on the $$ per lead you pay so keep it in mind. There's plenty of go getters that visit here - and they all love denaro!
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    We just launched the Western Union MasterCard on SAS on a lead based program.

    While SAS isn't known for Lead Generation, the reason we chose SAS is simple "Ethics"

    I have complete Trust in SAS to manage any issues of fraud that come up and I know that he is more interested in running a clean network than doing me over for a few dollars by allowing bad affs to run fraud against my program.

    So I believe that there will be a solid amount of work to build up a good affiliate base in SAS to drive a CPL deal, but that's fine considering the ethics here.

    Also Brian was able to out into place several needs that I had that other networks were not able to do and that's always a bonus


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    Richard, welcome to ABW!

    It will work wonderfully at SaS. Go for it.


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    thank you so much for the welcome and the helpful posts. We are midway through our application with SAS and expecting to work the program and hopefully do good things in partnership with affiliates.

    I have been spending a lot of time on this forum and learning a great deal. Thank you again.

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    I think SAS is a great platform for a leads program.

    The ethics part is extremely important. Of course, you have to remember that while SaS is known for its ethics. Affiliates themselves are not.

    Putting it another way. 95% of affiliates are great people who will not generate bogus leads. That 5% willing to "incent" leads or that are willing to produce fake leads will probably end up producing two fake leads for each real lead.

    Starting with an ethical affiliate network is a good move. Unfortunately, even with an ethical network, you will need to have a thick skin to filter through all of the bogus crap produced by scammers and spammers.

    The dangers, of course, exist with all networks. For that matter, some of the other networks have actually been in cahoots with the scammers. There really isn't a problem with SaS. Mass affiliation and leads are a volatile mix.

    The worst part of this industry is that the low quality traffic often rushes through the doors in the opening months of a program. The quality traffic takes months or even years to build.

    Good luck. I think SaS is the best choice.

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