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    Trying to Understand CJ's Text Links
    I really like it when merchants email me special offers, coupons, etc. That makes my job easier. I'm not one who enjoys the game of "Go Fish" with my time.

    But some of the merchants include Link IDs in their email and some do not. I'm trying to make my job even easier by trying to understand CJ's text link structure. I'm hoping you good folks who are CJ affiliate pioneers can help.

    Example: http://www.************/click-10011001-10374367

    I know that 10011001 is my PID and 10374367 is the merchant's Link ID, but how do I know which domain to use prior to the IDs?

    Before the 2 codes in all affiliate links, CJ uses at least three domains -there might be more:


    Will either one of these domains work or is a specific merchant assigned to specific domains?

    On another note, If CJ isn't going to require the use of the JS links effective 8/30, then PLEASE CJ, remove the extra click to the Legacy Link popuo Notification. On slow internet connections this extra popup page bites and really is no longer necessary. Why make us endure another 2 weeks of dealing with this annoying page?

    p.s. It looks like the board ***** out the domains. That's fine. I figure you will know what I mean anyway.

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    It doesn't matter which CJ domain is used in that link format.
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    Geeez... that makes things soooo much easier. Now I wished that all merchants sent out emails inclusive of Link IDs. Thanks for the info, Nature Boy!

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