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    UH oh need help.
    Ok just managed to reformat my hard drive and to my delightful (not) suprise my websites were not backed up on my external hard drive...sheeeett.
    Is there a way to import them off the server into Frontpage but for the url to remain the same ,tried already but must be doing something wrong, as soon as I dowload it all the hyperlinks do not point to the actual domain but instead to my harddrive.. hope that makes sense?

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    Try using Internet Explorer or Firefox to save them. Then open in Notepad. IF the urls are ok then Frontpage is doing it.

    I h avent used FP in years so I cant help you there.

    Good Luck

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    Just make an empty front page web named the same as the site (or anything). Then, close it and use your ftp to copy the site from the net into the web you created. When you open it up in FP, FP will make the adjustments to turn it all back into an FP web, if your program works the same way mine does.

    Just reread your post. Can't you use multi-replace to correct the links?
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    There's a feature in FrontPage called "Importing Web Site". Just import your own web site from the remote server. Easier than using FTP. All the links will be corrected automatically. Look for the Import Web Site Wizard in the "starting a new website" section.

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    Frontpage is very odd sometimes with this - I've had it go both ways.

    I *think* once you republish your site to your server, the urls will be fixed. You'll definitely want to do a test page to double check.

    I've panicked before when my urls pointed to my C drive (when viewing locally) but once the pages were published, they were the correct url. BUT - I've also had it happen that Frontpage has screwed up my pages and it did point to my C drive once published.

    Good luck.


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    Hi Justdoit,

    I just bought a new computer and imported all of my existing websites from the external server. As Zeus recommended, just use the Import command and you should be all set.

    It worked like a charm for me.

    Good luck.

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    Pull then into text by View Source, and then drop it into Word. You can replace the hyper text in one shot, then save as a FP file. Or you can do simple HTML to format it then drop it into FP.


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