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    I am thinking about changing some of advertising options on one of our sites. Right now, we have a 468x60 at the top and bottom of the page. Those will remain the same. I am also using a 120x600 skyscraper down the right hand side of the page. I was thinking about dropping the skyscraper in exchange for stacking other creatives in that space. I'm looking at either 125x125 or 120X60...probably the 120x60. These would be stacked on the right side. Any thoughts on if this is a bad idea...I have seen sites with what seems like a hundred ads in columns...this wouldn't be to that extent..just enough to fill that ad space of the 120x600.
    Your thoughts?

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    Go with the 120x60 Ads since I hate those skyscrapers and the stupid slow loading FLASH Ads. Creative minds within the Advertising industry just seem to lack the skills to fill a 120x600 space with clickable content.

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    For what it is worth... 2 cents...

    I don't do banners at the top of my pages. (I reserve that for my logo and my smile ). Yes, I know I should try to shove an ad into your face so it is the first thing you see but I don't...and it costs me. But that is my choice.

    I put banners at the bottom of the page but they convert zero.

    I use a lot of 120's and the like on the right column (table). They get bad to poor hit totals.

    So, at this point, my advice to you would be if you want to run skyscraper ads in a column, do so for the color and the action they add to the site and not for the revenue.

    Put your best stuff in the top 1/3rd of your page if you want it to sell. People either don't know they can scroll down or are unwilling to do so.

    Not coincidentially, you will find a clause like the above in almost every banner exchange contract.

    And so, most sites have a little logo and a big ad right at the top.

    2 cents


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    Instead of putting a banner for others at the top of your page.

    Put a banner there with YOUR best deal.

    TH Media Deal Of The Month or whatever. Alsway sell your stuff first.

    As for button banners - depends on what you are selling...make you own and point them to
    pre-sell pages for paying affiliates tha tyou have up. You don't want people to be clicking off your site from the HOME page.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys (and you too Fred). This site in particular that I was referring to is a 100% content site, there is nothing to sell. It is for our weather site. We offer a free service to webmasters to included branded weather on their site. A majority of our 'clients' are radio stations and localized directories. We provide the service for free in exchange for banners. For many companies, that model has failed, but is doing well for us. For starters, I have been able to sell the ad space. Also, companies can buy that ad space from me and place their own banners on there. That is a biggie for the radio stations that use our weather...'Not only does your 60 second spot go on the air 40 times, but your name will appear on our weather service'. I'm sure you get the idea. I have always had a problem with that skyscraper. I went ahead a few days ago and tried the stacking of 120x60's and it looks much, much better.

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