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    Foreign Languages
    Does anyone here buy foreign language keywords - Spanish etc? I'm wondering if there are some resources I could use to help me do this - determine what to write in the ads...

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    It's tough. You need to know the language fairly well or have someone look over your keyword list and ad text. Online translators come up with some crazy things that make no sense at all.

    I do it but dont enjoy it. It is so slow that I am reluctant to charge people for it. But it does help you learn the language if you care to.

    Google has some good tools for doing it and you can buy local to target markets. But lots of time the traffic is not there. The internet is much more popular in North America. Also CTR seems bad to me.

    Try it if you can experiment and want to get your feet wet.

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    i agree it can be tricky. pingo is about to go global so i could use some tips.

    there was a good article in website services magazine about ppc spanish keywords. saying the the cost is low but they have seen the spanish market may do a mix of english / spanish words and then look for spanish targeted landing pages.

    you can tree free translation services for a start at buying keywords from bubbl fish from alta vista

    good luck,

    any one have any good keyword research tools?


    -brian hawkins
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    Quote Originally Posted by PingoPrepaidCallingCards
    any one have any good keyword research tools?
    Not sure if you're asking about foreign keyword research tools..if not, then is by far my most favorite. Tad expensive, but full of features and other goodies! Been using it for a while, and haven't really had any complaints.

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