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    People do your part.....Email the merchants. I didn't on the When U issue, because I personally thought Every one would of emailed them. Obviously little did. So this time around I did email them about Buyersport, and at least 4 people didn't have a clue.

    I thought I'd post my letter that I sent out to 40 merchants. I wouldn't copy it word for word, but you'll notice there are no threats, accusations or anything negative about it. Create something similar and spend one hour of your day to email them all. This letter has helped 4 merchants out of 40 drop Buyersport in 48 hours.

    I titled the Subject: Are you aware? ( Perhaps change the Question? Did you know? Why? ...A Question will for sure make the merchant open the email. So don't title it Buyersport or anything...We've got to make them at least look at the discussion.

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>

    Unlike many merchants, many are not aware about Morpheus/ Buyerspot and the scum ware parasites they've become. Please look at the discussion and feel free to join in the conversation.
    Information is Power, and I as an affiliate want to make you aware of the problem you as a merchant to what is happening to not only my business but yours.


    ( Also known as Buyerspot, and Wurldmedia)

    Do you care to comment on why your company is letting this scumware participate in your affiliate program.

    I work full time at this business, and it upsets me to see such a good reputable company to see that they are allowing this go on.

    A big discussion is being held at the following You should check it out and learn more about it.

    We as affiliates, hang out at this forum, and comment on your program and others.
    Other Merchants are now dropping them from their affiliate program.

    Read below and other discussions around the board. I think you'll learn alot of the affiliate mind.

    Learn What's being said about one of your affiliates: Morpheus/Buyerspot

    Your company is on the list of harvesting this scum ware.

    Please read more about it and leave a comment if you will..

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    It's your money that buyersport is stealing!

    Many managers don't know about Morpheus and the BHO!


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    Thanks for a cut and paste letter, Canfree! Will do.

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