Hello ABW,

I have never done this before, but I just feel compelled today. First, a wee bit of background. I sing barbershop and am very active in the Sweet Adelines community, so this is how I am connected to this little girl. I met her and her mommy at a contest in 2000 when she was 2 and before they knew that she had cancer.

Christal is an 8 year old little girl in Tampa Florida. She has a brain tumor that has also spread to her spine. She is amazing; with a strong spirit that most adults could never even comprehend.

She had been doing very well lately but received some bad news on a scan in July. In the last week she has taken a turn for the worst. I guess all I'm asking is that if you have the inclination, please pray for her. If you don't pray or believe in God, just send her your good energy and thoughts to stay strong. At this point they aren't really praying for survival, but a peaceful passing. However, miracles do happen. Almost a year ago she had a spell like this and she is still here.

I hope that it is OK to post this here considering that she isn't my daughter. It is just something that is weighing heavily on my heart today and I wanted to feel like I could make a difference. Christal's Site

There is a journal that tells her story day by day. There is also a guest book where you can offer her your wishes. (There are actually gambling sites that are SPAMMING it right now - so you can also pray that they will burn in hell for that - I know I am.)

Thanks for listening.