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    SO confused, would love some help.
    Hello everyone,

    Hopefully someone can help, although I feel like I'm in a completely different league than any of you.

    I was recently introduced to this software... I downloaded the test version, and would LOVE to buy it, as long as I can figure out how to use it! I've been reading the tutorials, but there's tons of terms that I don't know... I'm completely new to this type of affiliate marketing (have done most of it with review sites where all I do is type in links and give my input).

    Anyway - I want to make a website with a "catalog" of sorts, with my affiliate id embedded in.

    What exactly should be in these text files that I'm importing? The tutorial says "A Merge-format file exported from a database of journal entries." What types of entries should I be putting in here? Datafeed links?

    Also, can I put lots of different datafeeds on one page?

    After I put in the .txt files, can I make the pages from there? Hopefully I'll understand the tutorials better after I learn what I'm putting in those files..

    I hope that this makes sense, and thank anybody that can help in advance!


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    did you read Frank's Webmerge Tutorial? it is the simpler one and it shows the basics of what to expect

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    On my way to check it out now, thanks so much for your time!

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