Please be informed that your threats have not gone unnoticed.

Since I have now heard from three different places that the threats you and your followers have issued fall under "terrorism", and this info is verified, then consider the backlash from the public.

"You helped Morpheus shut down part of the internet. Isn't that what Al Quaeda was trying to do?" Reportedly they were.

Kind of reminds me of those commercials I have been seeing lately. The kid says, "I helped terrorists blow up a building. Just harmless fun." I think it was an anti-drug commercial but whatever. Attacking those on the internet with physical action like what has been proposed, overloading servers and other things etc., hurts routers, etc etc. The FBI and Homeland Defense know this even if you do not.

Report all terrorist activity

This isn't even euphamism anymore.

From other posts in this forum, it sounds as if quite a few of us know the correct people to talk to about this problem, both above and below board. If this was five years ago it may have been a fair fight, but in this day and age all we have to do is sit back, live our lives, while you are classified as criminals and are hunted with our tax money.

Care to step onto our battlefield???

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